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About Us

I grew up in a Baptist church I always had the fear of God in me. When I was fifteen years old I had an experience where I was lying in my bed. I saw an image on the door of my bedroom. I started praying and asked Jesus to save me. The image looked like this picture of what suppose to be Jesus that you see on posters and in some bibles. I felt my bed when it sunk down as if someone sat on it. I felt a touch on my side it felt like a soft sponge. Me not being taught properly I really thought I was now saved.

At the age of eighteen I visited a holiness church in Grandbay, AL Elder Willie McCall was Pastor. He taught me baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, receiving the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking with other tongues. I then realized I had never been saved. I repented and was baptized. I came up to the front of the church where I called on the name of Jesus for many nights. The spirit moved me and I danced by the spirit but I didn’t receive the Holy Ghost. At the age of nineteen, I heard of Bishop L. Hunter of Hartsville SC. In 1988 I received the Holy Ghost with evidence of tongues my first trip to South Carolina. I also met my wife during this trip. Bishop Hunter married my wife and me in 1990 and he died in 1991. I then joined an organization out of Philadelphia PA. I remained there for approx. twelve years as a minister and teacher. 

After many major biblical differences and disagreements with leadership, I departed from this organization with a mind not to teach or minister anymore. I was completely burned out, disappointed, and discouraged with the way things had gone, not realizing that this was working together for my good. I visited other churches but didn’t minister or teach for about six months.

The Lord started showing me things I had never seen before. I did not want to minister any more but God kept dealing with me. One evening while out to dinner with my wife, Bro Watson, and his wife. Sister Watson not knowing what I had been through and was presently going through. Told me of a dream she had. She stated I was sitting on a curb with my face down in my hands very discouraged not know what to do. She stated a brother came along put his shoulder under my shoulder and helped me up. He said come on brother lets keep pressing. The sister told me the person looked like the brother from Georgia (Elder John Hadley). Elder Hadley and I were not close at that time. As time progressed Elder Hadley would come to Mobile and have service he would preach and encourage us. He talked to me about accepting ordination.

 I refused for about two years. God started dealing with me showing me all the blessing he had bestowed on me spiritually and naturally. And I was refusing ordination and teaching his people.After two years I accepted ordination and God allowed us to establish The Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Of The Apostles Doctrine Inc. here in Mobile Ala. I can truly say God stirred up the gift that was in us. He revealed his Son in us that we might preach him among the heathen and open our eyes and understanding to his word. Many have been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and some have received the Holy Ghost. God has blessed us with a beautiful temple and progress is being made daily.We are now seen on national and international television and worldwide by Internet .All the Glory goes to JESUS CHRIST.

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